Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Pomona:Hire the Best Firm

Achapter 13 bankruptcy in Pomona can stop foreclosure on your home or allow you to pay back your credit card debts at much lower interest rates.You may also be able to remove 2nd mortgages or lines of credit in certain circumstances.

Chapter 13 is a repayment plan or individual reorganization bankruptcy. Only individual consumer debtors can file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. There are debt limitations. In other words, a debtor filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy cannot have any more than certain amounts of unsecured debt and secured debt, as defined in the bankruptcy laws.

A Chapter 13 is like a court-enforced repayment plan, which creditors must accept. Unlike credit management plans outside of bankruptcy, creditors don’t get to choose whether to be bound by the plan. It protects the debtor from collection action during the case and discharges any unpaid balance of dischargeable debts at the end of the plan. A Chapter 13 stops the running of interest and late charges on unsecured debt (like credit card debt) and stops late charges on secured debt (like cars and mortgages)

The Hedtke Law Firm has filed thousands of bankruptcy cases and they are very much aware of compelling strategies and systems which would be suitable.

Since a Chapter 13 bankruptcy is usually a five-year repayment plan that must be approved by the court, it is highly advisable to choose an experienced law firm with a successful record.  The Hedtke law Firm has filed hundreds of Chapter 13 cases since 2012 and are among the most successful at obtaining court approval.

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