Long Term Care Planning Lawyer in California

Pomona, Upland, and Moreno Valley

Hedtke Law Firm understands the complexities that go along with obtaining the best long-term care possible for your family and loved ones. There are important decisions to be made and financial issues to be resolved. Our team of professionals provides the education and legal help you need to guide you through your options for financing long-term healthcare with the California Medicaid/ALTCS program. Our team is dedicated to providing caring support and legal counsel to assist you in obtaining the maximum benefits available for the care of your loved ones. Our Elder Law team will review your financial and medical situation and advise you on what can be done to protect your income and assets while qualifying for public benefits.

Medicaid Planning in California

We focus our practice on helping potential applicants qualify for the California Medicaid/California Long-Term Care System, commonly known as CLTCS. Anybody applying for LTCS should understand that the denial rate is approximately 73 percent. Our Law Firm is an invaluable asset to applicants looking to obtain approval for the benefit with as little delay and paperwork hassle as possible. The Hedtke Law Firm is familiar with LTCS rules and regulations, and will be able to use this knowledge to help applicants be as certain as possible that LTCS will approve their application. Long-term care can cost more than $7,000 per month and the application process is lengthy and cumbersome. Using our knowledgeable staff to help ensure eligibility can save applicants many months of health care expenses and unnecessary stress and worry.

LTCS applicants are denied benefits for one of three reasons: They have too many resources, they have too much monthly income, or they do not qualify medically for the benefit. The Hedtke Law Firm has tools available to help many applicants overcome each of these obstacles and can prepare an individualized strategy to help applicants get their resources within the allowable limit. Regarding the issues related to income, there are legal devices that can be prepared and established to bring an applicant’s income within the allowable limit.

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